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TubeG for YouTube lets you click or drag-and-drop YouTube links to enjoy browser-free watching! Do you want to watch your favorite videos from YouTube in a separate window and adjust it's size? Yes, we want it too and now it's available. Browser window: it's too big, when you want to do something else you have to change size, hide toolbars, etc. Now you can easily open new video link. Features Show related at the end of movie Beautiful, clean title bar (auto show/hide) Support multiple windows (you can paste or drag-and-drop multiple links) Get YouTube video from every page Support vevo, live streaming Possibility to enter mp4 video url Launch on startup Keep player windows on top Play video automatically Choose default quality Set your own dimensions Set default window position Set window shadow Single window (disable multiple windows) Change player controls style in preferences (3 options) Custom seek time in preferences Original size in preferences and right-click menu Aspect ratio when resize in preferences and right-click menu Change opacity Full screen mode Support web browsers extensions (just single click to open video) App Nap More than 80% lower CPU usage than Safari