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******************************************************** 30% DISCOUNT TO CELEBRATE TUMBLR + YAHOO This discount will continue until next major update of TumbleKit (v1.5) currently working on. Thanks for your support! ******************************************************** ** Bring Tumblr to your desktop ** TumbleKit is decent client for Tumblr. Browse your dashboard, visit your favorite blogs, read liked posts, find posts with tags you are interested in, create post directly from TumbleKit, attach photos, audio, video and much more. FEATURES • Browse your dashboard • Read posts you liked • List blogs you are following • Blog browser • Tag browser ------------ • Like/Unlike post • Reblog with comment • Show notes • Send to Instapaper/Pocket/Readability • Inline audio player for post with music • Simple photo viewer ------------ • Support for all types: Text/Photo/Quote/Link/Chat/Audio/Video • Post to any of your blogs • Option to publish now/add to queue/scheduled/save as draft • Attach photo/audio file • HTML WYSIWYG/Markdown • Preview Markdown in realtime • Add multiple tags • Set custom post URL • Turn on/off Twitter sharing • Load & edit drafts from all of your blogs ------------ • Customizable font & size for better reading experience • Add/Remove multiple Tumblr accounts • Switch between multiple accounts • Quickly open one of your blogs with keyboard shortcuts • Switch between Dashboard/Liked posts/Followings with keyboard shortcuts • Update account information in case you added/removed/updated your blogs • Refresh feeds by simply hitting CMD+R • Configurable double-click action to like or reblog For more information and upcoming features: http://tumblekitapp.tumblr.com