TuneUpAid : The multifunctional tuner which is usable as Audio-MIDI converter

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TuneUpAid is the tuner for musical instruments(wind,string,vocalist) which has difficult pitch control. Not only display an input pitch. TuneUpAid can output the reference note of a right pitch! When uses the general tuner, depend on interval indication display, and it becomes negligent to judge a real sound gap by ear. Can confirm the gap with the reference note with ear by using TuneUpAid. TuneUpAid tunes up your sense of pitch. TuneUpAid tunes up the harmony sense of two sounds by "Sound by Manual" function. The pitch input during a measurement is memorized and can look as statistics information after a measurement. TuneUpAid tunes up pitch control by play a scale, and knowing the pitch properties of the musical instrument. The frequency spectrum indication of the input sound will help the tuneup of your tone. TuneUpAid can pronounce the reference note in built-in Audio Unit and outside MIDI device. Expert player can use TuneUpAid as AudioMIDI converter.