Tunnel Flyer

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Tunnel Flyer is an arcade-like 3D first-person action game straight from Sharadise! Minimalistic game design in stylish black & white. You are flying through a tunnel, obstacles are coming towards you, and you are trying to dodge them. The game is over once you had 5 hits. Infinite gameplay - just fly as far and as carefully as you can. Tunnel Flyer is designed to help you improve your reaction time - no matter how fast your reflexes may already be. During the flight you will be kept informed about: - your score - how many hits you had (max. 5) - your current speed The game speed adapts to your progress. When a game is over you will see: - your score - your highscore Higher speeds may be a bit difficult for not-so-experienced players. When your score is more than 100 that's quite fine! You can use W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move -- just as you prefer. Press esc to cancel the current flight if you messed-up. (Normally Tunnel Flyer should run in fullscreen mode, and the mouse pointer is disabled by default. You can however exit fullscreen mode via cmd+F and regain the mouse pointer via cmd+tab.) Keys can be reassigned. With savegame system to preserve your well-earned highscore. What you can always expect from Sharadise games: No enemies, no violence, no lives to lose. No one will be spiked in our games or die by other means. We abhor such widespread "adventure" game elements. No race against the clock. We love what we are doing here at Sharadise. No age restriction. This game is suitable for all ages. All our games are complete -- no in-app purchases, no in-game advertisement. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to send us your thoughts at www.sharadise.com/contact.html If you're interested in updates or new games you can follow us on Twitter @SharadiseGames (http://twitter.com/SharadiseGames).