Tutorial for Xcode and Swift Programming Language

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Tutorial for Xcode and Swift Programming language teaches you how to build apps for the iPhone, iPad and iOS 10 using step-by-step video tutorials. If you are already an expert developer this app probably isn't for you, but if you're a beginner just learning how to code or looking to brush up this could be the tutorial you are looking for. Tutorial for Xcode provides from the group up training with course in the Swift Programming language followed by step-by-step videos that teach you how to accomplish specific tasks and build apps, such as showing a location on the map, sharing a file, or applying a photo effect to an image. Also allows you to export sample projects making it easier to follow along and work on the examples yourself. Some of the topics included in these tutorials: - Adding labels and showing popup messages, changing label text - Learn how to create a full blown camera app and apply filters - Map kid based apps, showing maps in standard and satellite views - Zooming to locations on a map - Using PickerViews - Full TableView tutorial - Learn how to customize the appearance of a table view cell with colored labels and images - Learn how to use a webview to display a web page - Create a UICollection type app - handy for making wallpaper apps with thumbnail previews - Build a tabbar application - Learn how to print documents - Display PDF documents in your apps - Handle media and play Audio and Video files - Play remote videos stored on a server - How to share to Twitter and Facebook - Sharing via email or saving images to device - Accessing the Camera and Photo Library - Using Core motion to detect acceleration and access gyroscope data - Showing banner ads and interstitial ads in your app - Gesture recognizers - Responding to screen touches and drags - Dynamic animations and Snap Behavior - Snap behavior - Collection Views Also included with this app are tutorials from the Foundation Series where you learn the basics of the Swift Programming Language. The lessons use the latest version of Swift so that you will understand the current version of the programming language and be able to hit the ground running. - How to declare and use basic data types. - Using mutable and immutable objects - How to declare and work with arrays - Using For, While, and Repeat-While Loops - Switch Statements - How to write functions and call them - Passing function parameters and working with return types - Tuples - Enumerated Types - Optionals - Forced Unwrapping - Working with Strings and Characters - Assertions - Closures - Structures and Classes - Inheritance - Initializers - Typecasting and Downcasting PLUS : Get free updates as we add new tutorials. And more! Imagine being able to build your own iOS apps and work as a developer or submit your own apps to the app store. These tutorials are current: - Uses Xcode 8 - Uses Swift 3 programming language - Builds apps for iOS 10 FEATURES: - Includes Video Tutorials showing how to build each app from start to finish - Includes written PDF tutorials - Export Sample projects Note that an internet connection is required to view videos as the app uses streaming video.