Tutorials for Affinity Photo – Tips and Tricks

OS X 10.11
Tutorials for Affinity Photo brings you video tutorials and basic training for new Affinity Photo Users! If you're just a beginner with this powerful image processing and photo editing tool, this is the app for you. We believe professionals will also get useful information if they finish this course. Inside you will find video tutorials including: - How to open and export files - Levels adjustment - Black and White Photos - Using Affinity Persona - White Balance - Restoring Images - Recoloring Images - HSL Adjustment - Shadows & Highlights - Adjusting Vibrance - Channel Mixers - Selective Color - Painting and Fill Tools - Lighting Filter - Adding text to images - Color Filters - Exposure, brightness and contrast - Image resizing - Soft proofs - The curves tool - Inpainting to remove blemishes and objects - Red eye removal - Overlay tool - Refine - Blur and distortion And more! Get started learning how to use Affinity Photo with these easy to follow tutorials today.