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Tutum Nube for OS X is the perfect counterpart to Tutum Nube for iOS! Now you can synchronize textual data across all your devices, with Tutum Nube! Securely transfer, store, backup, restore and import your information from any iDevice or Mac to Apple's iCloud. It’s super safe and easy. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today! Tutum Nube allows you to get your synchronized data from all of your devices, anywhere at any time. That means you can quickly grab your password at the bank on your iPhone, find sales numbers on your iPad during a meeting, or simply check some facts on your Mac. Using Tutum Nube is easy, incredibly convenient and super secure. This application allows you to store any textual data. It uses a strong 128 bit encryption algorithm to keep your sensitive information safe from hackers and prying eyes. Tutum Nube even re-encrypts all of your data if you change your password. Trust Tutum Nube to securely handle your transfers, storage, backups and imports. Just enable the use of Apple’s iCloud in your general settings to synchronize your data across all of your devices and you’re set to go, secure as Fort Knox. And if you ever need to restore your information, the app lets you safely and easily do that, too. There’s no worry with Tutum Nube, only top level security and convenience. Look at the flexible, secure features you get in Tutum Nubet: * Secure transfers, backups, restores, imports, and storage of any textual data * Syncs information between all Devices, using Apple’s iCloud * Uses strong 128 bit encryption method for super-secure transfer and data storage This is the application you need in order to work remotely with your sensitive information in the 21st century! Download Tutum Nube right now. Protect your data while having everything at your fingertips.