Understanding Photography Basics with simple words Free Edition

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Understand the basics of photography with simple words ====================================== Must buy ! ***** =========== Excellent - I've just completed the videos and this app has been excellent. Well presented, no over complicated instructions' just practical examples.This improved my photography skills and understanding significantly.Buy it. The challenge of this course is to try to explain the basics of photography without using technical words. I will give also as many visual examples possible to grasp the different technical aspects. Serge Ramelli is the NBR #1 training in France (all this course is in English !) Summary 13 short chapters: =================== - Finding a correct exposure the AV mode. - Finding a correct exposure the TV mode. - What about ISO ? - The manual mode, the pro mode. If you purchase the full version you will get the following videos : - Exposure compensation. - Photos' recipes. - The basics of lens and tips. - Raw vs JPG ? - Pratical example : Day light landscapes. - Pratical example : Golden hour landscapes. - Pratical example : Night landscapes and night portraits. - The rule of composition - An introduction to retouching using Lightroom 4.