uRoute – Route-Mapping Utility

OS X 10.13
Exercising outside is not always easy to do. Do you know where you're going? Do you know how far you want to go? Will your exercise route loop around a neighborhood or be a straight line down and back? This app will allow you to plan out your exercise routes on a map! Place points on the map to draw it out, and you will be able to see many statistics about your route, such as: - Distance - Calories burned - Elevation gain - Elevation loss - and much more! Other great features include: - Changing the exercise type (i.e. running, cycling, swimming, etc.) - Having the app decide how to finish your route by closing the loop or coming back the same route - Saving your routes to view and modify later - Snapping the route to the road rather than just placing arbitrary points This is a wonderful application for people who love to exercise outside and need to plan out their routes. We hope you get the most out of it and enjoy!