UVI Electric Piano

OS X 10.7
Turn your Mac into a soulful Electric Piano ! Simply plug a MIDI keyboard in your computer and you're ready to play one of the best electric keyboard ever made: a wonderful Rhodes™ electric piano manufactured in 1979. UVI Instruments are well known and have been deeply used by professional musicians and producers for more than a decade thanks to some unique software like MOTU MachFive™, Ethno™ and BPM™, Spectrasonics Stylus™ and Atmosphere™, UVI Workstation™...  to name a few. UVI Electric Piano features the best of the UVI technology and the most efficient user interface to play an instrument: launch it and play ! >>> UVI Electric Piano features : - Super easy to use and great sounding instrument - Featuring a classic Rhodes™ manufactured in 1979 - Recorded in a world class studio with the best gear - Deeply multi-sampled (sustain, release, pedal noise...) - Expertly edited and scripted using the latest UVI Engine - Low Memory usage thanks to lossless realtime decoding - Custom velocity curves to fit your playing style - Onboard great sounding FX : Speaker Cabinet, Drive, Tremolo, Autopan, Chorus & Flanger - Superb integrated old school "Spring" reverb - CPU efficient - Ultra low latency - Compatible with built-in or third party sound cards. - Compatible with all USB/MIDI keyboards and controllers