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A simple to use VAT Calculator designed for MAC OS X. VAT Calculator allows you to calculate VAT/Sales tax. Simply enter the amount/price you want to calculate VAT on, enter the VAT Rate (%), select whether VAT is already included in the amount or not and select "Go" on the custom designed keyboard to calculate VAT. Result pane shows "Net", "VAT" and "Gross" amounts. Features: 1- Custom designed keyboard. 2- You can also use your MAC keyboard to enter amounts. 3- Completely customisable VAT Rate. 4- Add VAT to a price or take VAT out of a price. 5- Each calculation is saved in history automatically. 6- History pane shows your last 25 calculations. 7- Copy any value on the history pane. 8- Export Calculation Histor to a text file. © AppCut UK