Vector Icon Box Free – Well designed icons for you

OS X 10.10
*****Differents with pro version, this is the most frequently asked question *** All contents in free version is the same as Pro version, Diffs: 1, Pro has no export limitations, free version can export 3 icons per half hour. 2, Pro can export pdf(vector based) icons, free version not. 3, Pro can always get the newest icons, and newest features. Otherwise, they are the same. ****** Don't waste time on re-inventing the wheel. We built this tool for "smart-lazy" ones, to save your time.Please spare your time for good life! With this tool, you can get thousands of high quality, commonly used vector icons for mobile app and web pages, without pay any additional time on searching/design it. Those icons are designed by famous professional designers over the world, in most cases, no one can do it better. It will save icon png in size of @1x, @2x, and @3x in batch with one click. Every icon is keyword indexed, please search it with human words. Our goal is to keep it simple, easy to use and powerful, to make icon making easy, and easier! Icon for "Vector Icon Box"(this App) is composed of two vector icons in this app, try search "fire" and "circleO" please, you will find them:) ************************* Notice ***************** If you have any suggestion, bug reporting or feature request, please let us know via email or rating page. Appreciated! ************************Feature List****************** * Export high resolution png from vector types, in @1x,@2x,@3x, all in one time. * Thousands of high quality free vector icons, all are searchable. * Resize/ Color the icons you want. * Export images of @1x.png, @2x.png, @3x.png in batch * Export image in format of PNG/JPEG/jp2/TIFF * Shortcut for Export(CMD+S), Copy(CMD+C) * Copy icon to clipboard * Export icon in pdf