Video File List

OS X 10.11
*** Use Video File List to find out more about your movie files, detect poor quality content, and easily clean up your movie archive. *** Main Features * Detect poor quality content in your movie library * Sort and filter all your movie files based on many properties like runtime, resolution, video format etc. * Can identify and classify up to 500 movie files per minute on a fast Mac * Supports most common movie formats on Macs * Export and print the list Just drag and drop a bunch of files and/or folders on the application icon or directly in the main window. Video File List will then search for valid movie files and display them in the list. Pick one or several filters from the left sidebar to limit the list to specific files/formats or sort the list by any of the columns e.g. to find duplicate candidates. Files from the list can then either be * deleted * revealed in the Finder * played/opened in an external video player