Visual Cue Audio Player

OS X 10.12
Visual Cue is an audio library and player primarily intended for musicians and audio professionals. Features: · waveform display for visual seeking and cueing · zoom for more precision on longer waveforms · caches analyzed waveforms for fast display · allows unlimited cue points per file · name each cue point as you desire · switch between cue points across multiple audio files very fast · no volume control or any other digital processing that would affect audio quality · does not alter your precious source files in any ways · designed to launch fast Primary uses: Music Production · manage your library of reference tracks to compare with your own · jump between cue points in your reference tracks quickly · manage and listen to your own tracks · manage production elements and recorded source material DJ · manage your library of tracks · set up cue points in your tracks · compile a killer DJ set by jumping between cue points in different tracks quickly to test what track works best next · manage and listen to your own DJ mixes placing cue points at important locations · bookmark tracks in other DJ's sets to scan for interesting music quicker Podcasting · subscribe to podcasts · download podcast episodes · set cue points within each episode · access saved bookmarks at any time · organize podcast episodes using labels Plays audio formats natively supported by macOS.