Vocoding With EVOC 201

OS X 10.9.0
The EVOC 20 PolySynth, can be intimidating when you first plug it in! However, once you dig beneath its perplexing, techno faceplate you’ll find an underground sonic universe waiting to be mined! Let David Earl (a.k.a. SFLogicNinja) show you how he uses it and why you need to master this awesome, sonically rich plugin... Table of Contents: 01. The Origins of the Vocoder 02. Tuning and Polyphony 03. Exploring Dual Mode 04. Exploring FM Mode 05. Tweaking the Envelope and LFO 06. LFO & the Output 07. Firing up the Vocoder 08. Shaping the Side Chain Input 09. Getting Creative with Filters 10. Exploring the Formant Section 11. Detailing with Unvoiced Sounds 12. Getting Creative with the EVOC20 13. Getting More Through the Side Chain 14. Making a Gated Synth 15. Creating a Robot Backing Harmony