Watermark Photos

OS X 10.7
*****Watermark Photos: Add Watermarks to Your Personal Photos Freely Don't want others can use your photos without permission? Why don't you try to add watermarks to all photos before sharing them on the Facebook, Twitter or other places? How to watermark photos? Thus, this Watermark Photos app is exactly what you need, which can help users add text or pictures as watermarks to the image freely. *****Why Choose Watermark Photos Software? If you love to upload your personal photos to Facebook, Twitter or other social connecting networks, then it is necessary for you to add watermarks to these pictures. So that your photo will never be used by others without permission. Thus, Amacsoft Watermark Photos Software can meet your demands. With it, you can easily add text or images to your photo as watermarks, and you can rotate or add other effects to the picture as you like. *****Add Watermarks to Images with Ease As you know, adding watermarks is way of declaring copyrights. Then your photos can not be easily used by others for commercial usages. How to watermark photos? Now this Watermark Photos app provides you with two options to append watermarks. * It enables you to add text and images as watermarks to your photos. Of course, you can add both of them to images at the meantime. Apart from this, you are able to change the size, transparency and position of your watermarks as needed. * If you want to add the same watermark to dozens of pictures, this software allows you to complete it in a batch. Then you will get all watermarked photos within seconds. *****How to watermark photos? This Watermark Photos app is exactly what you need.Just get the wonderful Watermark Photos app now!