Weather Chasers

OS X 10.6.6
Weather Chasers is a fun app designed for collecting all sorts of weather data. Weather is collected by taking observations of what's happening around you in the environment. It brings back the physical aspect of collecting weather information while allowing the data to be quickly and easily stored on your iPad in an electronic diary. Take photos of the weather, clouds and weather maps, and store these in your diary. Use the cloud identifying card to help you determine what type of cloud you have seen for a particular day. Collect data from a variety of sources: thermometer, online information, weather collecting tools, and record the data in your diary. You can record temperature, rainfall, sky observations, cloud details, low and high tides, snowfall, and much more. Your diary includes a blog so you can write notes about each day. Weather Chasers presents you with eleven different badges, each with three levels, as you keep collecting your weather data and building your weather diary. You can also export your data as screen shots to create reports in other apps, such as Keynote or Pages. Weather Chasers allows multiple users, or a teacher might like to set up a class Weather Chases profile and use the app to collect daily class observations.