Weather Pop – Canada weather app using Environment Canada weather forecast data

OS X 10.11
Canadians want to check out weather, eh? WeatherPop is designed for your Apple Mac: you light Macbook, powerful Macbook Pro or your iMac. We support OS X El Capitan! WeatherPop is a simple, elegant and accurate weather and weather forecast app made for Canada, from coast to coast. It's the best unofficial Environment Canada Mac OS X app. It provides the most accurate and trustworthy weather thanks to weather data provided by Environment Canada. It is simple and elegant because you can know the weather at a convenient pop-up. Just like what you saw on Environment Canada weather website, but available at your menu bar without interrupting your workflow. As seen, you can choose your city in the Preference panel. If Environment Canada support it, we support it. You can also choose the update interval and background image at will in the Preference panel. In the weather pop up, you get: - Colored warnings on top if present (red for warning, yellow for watch, blue for advisory statement) - Current conditions (condition, temperature, feels like temperature based on humidex in summer and wind chill in winter, pressure, visibility, dewpoint, humidity, wind) - 24 hour forecast (condition, likelihood of precipitation if present, temperature, feels like temperature based on humidex in summer and wind chill in winter, wind direction, wind speed, wind gust speed) - 7 day and night overview (condition, likelihood of precipitation, day high and night low) - Detailed 7 day and night forecast to keep you informed (condition, likelihood of precipitation, forecast summary, day high and night low) Again, thanks to Environment Canada weather data, WeatherPop provides the most accurate weather information for Canadian cities. We support all Canadian places, from the small but beautiful town Banff to the largest metropolis Toronto. The major Canadians cities we support are Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Brampton, Hamilton, Quebec. After you buy it, contact us regarding app issues, general feedback, and feature enhancement requests. Thank you for purchasing WeatherPop: the Canada weather Mac OS X app using Environment Canada weather forecast data!