Webber – Web Debugging Proxy

OS X 10.6.6
Webber is a web proxy that allows developer to view all HTTP/HTTPS traffics. Main features are listed below: * View HTTP and HTTPS traffics View all of the HTTP and HTTPS traffic between client and internet, including iOS, iOS simulator, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux machine. After launch, you can easily start/stop recording. You can also filter unrelated traffics to refine the content. * View requests, responses and headers Choose from a variety of viewer to inspect the requests, responses, and headers. You can switch viewer on the fly to find the right one. Syntax highlight viewer is also available. * Simulate traffic & analyze behavior Real network traffic's environment can be simulated by applying latency and bandwidth limit. Performance and behavior can be analyzed by dumping HAR file. * Syntax highlight Show highlighted syntax for HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, etc.