WebGuard – AdBlocker & malicious popups protection

OS X 10.9
• The only AdBlocker that works with any browser (including Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera) • WebGuard is your solution to block annoying ads, video ads, banners, user tracking services, social widgets and other web content on Mac. You can also filter your own website domains and make the navigation faster, safer and cleaner. It works with any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and all Mac applications that display online resources or make external HTTP requests (including Mail). WebGuard also finds adware and removes it. Adware is a malware software that opens pop-up windows with advertisement or fraudulent information and scams. Besides this, WebGuard can remove all browser extensions and add-ons (extensions are a common way to hijack webpages, steal information, spy on your input or slow down your browser) FEATURES • Block ads, rollover ads, video ads, banners, overlay or expanding ads and other marketing content in all browsers and applications on your Mac • Protect your privacy by blocking user tracking and statistics services • Disable Facebook widgets (Comments, Feed, Follow, Like and Share widgets), Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest widgets (Tweet, +1, Pin and other widgets) • Make navigation faster by filtering Flash, images, scripts and web videos on third-party browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Opera) • Define your own filter rules with custom websites and domains EXTRA TOOLS • Adware Cleaner: clean adware (malware) that displays pop-up windows, steal information or try to trick you into buying scam products • Safe Browser: a builtin browser with private navigation without history, cookies, scripts or plugins Unlike browser plugins, this solution will block content before page loading making your connection faster and more reliable NOTES • WebGuard's adware cleaner is not a full antivirus software, but it can remove adware based on known signatures. It can also remove all browser add-ons, add-ons being one of the most spread ways of web navigation hijacking • The app will NOT monitor or collect your traffic in any way - your connection will remain direct • Please note that it's possible for some ad services to be reachable and to see ads - the filters database is constantly updated with new entries to prevent that SUPPORT We read your support emails every day, day by day. Write with confidence any question, feedback or complain and you will receive an answer in a very short period of time.