Wedding Planner Pro

OS X 10.9.0
The Invite function allows to know both the number, as well as the relationship of kinship or friendship between the spouses and the invited guests. It is possible to create the main categories of the list and then assign the corresponding guests to each one. Obviously it is possible to print the list for a greater control of the same. A very useful module to manage the contacts of your guest list, but not only. Register church contacts, visited restaurants, wedding car rental, wedding list shops, groom's tailor or honeymoon travel agencies. In short, a very useful tool to keep it all under control. Organizing people around a table can sometimes be a difficult task. Wedding Planner Pro will help you by giving you a complete overview of how to fix your guests avoiding to make them sit next to people who do not know. It is possible to create main categories such as friends of the groom, and associate the list of his friends with it. Wedding Planner Pro has a very useful function that allows you to organize the tables with their relative guests. Many restaurants offer special menus for wedding events, with a variety of dishes and prices. Wedding Planner Pro helps with the creation of different categories for each restaurant visited, comparing the courses and prices of each. Choosing the best menu at the best price is now a breeze. Take note of every detail, information, idea or suggestion that can improve both the overall vision of the perfect marriage. Just with scattered sheets around, organize your ideas with Wedding Planner Pro A convenient browser, will help you in your internet searches, without distractions and directed to the topics of your interest. Sometimes a limited budget can be a problem as you do not always know clearly where or how we can spend more money. The Budget function of Wedding Planner Pro allows us to make simulations by creating shopping categories such as flowers, the ceremony, the restaurant, the honeymoon, the carriage of the bride etc. You can assign to each category a percentage of expenditure according to the budget available, thus having an overview of the most important expenses, thus helping you make the best decision for the best day of your life. Managing all appointments by heart is sometimes a very difficult undertaking. The appointment at the hairdresser, the proof of the dress by the tailor, the tests in the church, decide the restaurant menu and so on can make your head burst, or worse forget important things that could ruin the most beautiful day of your life. Wedding Planner Pro counts with a powerful planner that will manage your schedule for you, until the day of your customers wedding, and without the risk of forgetting importsnt details. If you are looking for a menu suggestion or planning a vacations for your customers honey moon, then Wedding Planner Pro will help you with an online database that is updating day by day. Wedding Planner Pro counts with a very useful printing function to keep under control every aspect of the most beautiful day planning of your customers life.