Weight Computer

OS X 10.6
NOTE: Please check Weight Computer for iPhone / iPad. The mobile version of Weight Computer it's available on the AppStore! Finally comes the application you were waiting to control your weight! Weight Computer is an application that will allow you control your weight in an easy and simple way, giving you all the information you need to control how you lose or gain weight in an efficient and professional fashion. Weight Computer will give you all the parameters needed in any diet. Even data that medical professionals do not usually give to you. Just set your goal weight and enter your weight regularly. Weight Computer will display the following information for you: Initial Weight Weight Goal Achieved Progress Remaining Progress Elapsed days Days left to reach your goal Daily Loss Weekly Loss Monthly Loss Percentage of Total Progress You can also check graphically how you evolve in your weight loss. Want to try a new diet? How does the introduction of new foods or habits works for you? With our application you will know how you evolve. Historical chart will give you all the information you need to know how you're doing. This app supports up to 10 simultaneous users EXPORT You can export your data to .csv (works with Excel and Pages) to review and edit your progress INTERNATIONAL The program supports Metric (Kg) and Imperial (Lbs) units 100% translated into the following languages English Spanish French German Italian Portuguese PLEASE NOTE: To show historic data and charts the app needs to be fed with your weight during several days. It will take several days to show all the information. In the other hand, we are having questions about how to introduce target date in the app. This app doesn't work that way. Target date is predicted by the app using your progress and historic data, not introduced by the user. SUPPORT Confused? Need help? Our technical team is here to help. Contact support@atomstudios.es for more information.