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Win Roulette

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★★★★★ Win Roulette ★★★★★ ATTENTION: this is "NOT" a playing roulette game but a Statistic Software for game played on Online Roulette. 赢轮盘赌是一个新的项目,致力于法国和美国轮盘爱好者。 与赢轮盘赌,你有你的轮盘游戏统计,你就会知道,外部机会或单数时,将有一个有趣的迟到或一个重要的频率。 您可以设置的参数,只要你喜欢的基础上,你已经在“选项”进入,你将被告知在游戏过程中,外界的机会,对迟到或频率或单数,所以应用程序可以完全定制的基础上您的经验和方式,你玩游戏。 该项目旨在成为一个“开放的项目”,我们希望这个应用程序变得越来越有用,并为所有用户的强大,我们希望它成为的东西,可以真正帮助你在轮盘赌赢,这就是为什么我们已经包含了形式报告提示可以写信给我们,让我们知道你将如何提高应用程序。 有乐趣和良好的轮盘! English --------------------------------- WinRoulette is a new project dedicated to all lovers of French and American roulette. With WinRoulette you'll have the statistics of your roulette games and you'll know when an outside chances or a single number will have an interesting lateness or an important frequency. You can set the parameters as you like and you will be informed about lateness or frequency of the outside chances or of the single numbers during the game based on what you have entered in the "Options", so the application can be fully customized based on your experience and the way you play the game . This project aims to be an "open project", we want this application to become increasingly useful and powerful for all the users, we want it to be something that can really help you win at roulette, which is why we have included a form for reporting tips with which you can write to us and let us know how you would improve the application. Have fun and good roulette!