OS X 10.8
Word-A-Licious is an interactive word flashcard game for toddlers and children. Using a combination of vibrant game graphics and crystal clear photos, you'll help your child build a strong word vocabulary and enhance their memory in a fun, interactive game environment. Kids can choose to play a game from among twelve different word categories. At each stage, the child is presented with four flashcard images and a word, and is encouraged by the narrator to select a correct answer. You also have the option of displaying two flashcard images at a time for simpler game play. Whether the child's answer is correct or not, the narrator expresses appreciation for the child's response. Stars are awarded to the child at the end of each game to reward their achievements. Save scores on up to 4 unique players. Your child will love to see these fun, real-world pictures and feel the joy of getting the right answer! Through repetitive playing, children will improve their memory of words, learn to develop focus, and learn the concept of right and wrong answers. Make learning a delicious experience for your child. Try Word-a-licious!