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Word Search Jr. – An Educational Game from School Zone

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Experiment with the look, sound, and shape of words! In Word Search Jr. players select "Puzzle" to choose from one of the twelve themes that include Farm Animals, Sea Creatures, and Things in a Closet. Then pick the easy or hard (5- or 10-word) version. A list of primarily one- and two-syllable words will appear onscreen at right. After finding one of the words in the puzzle, players can either select the first and last letter of the word or drag across it, up and down or diagonally. Earn a star for each word found. Choose "Shuffle" to change the word list and re-scramble the puzzle at any time. Select a word in the list to hear its pronunciation. Select the lightbulb icon if you need a hint. Choose the question mark if you need to hear the instructions again. Younger players learn to recognize and identify letter combinations. Older players reinforce word skills and race against the clock. This game sharpens focus, word recognition and spelling! The app can also help give adult brains a quick and easy workout. Ages 6-up Fun Features & Big Benefits Audio instructions Audio praise/feedback Word pronunciation Many puzzle reconfigurations Skills: spelling; vocabulary; focus/concentration; hand-eye coordination; fine motor skills