SuperTab for Facebook

OS X 10.11
The Best Facebook app for Mac. Enjoy your favorite features, upload photos faster, securely share updates, browse your favorite groups & pages without launching your browser. - Access your Facebook account any time without launching the browser - Quickly launch Facebook (no mater what your internet sped is) - Smart Feed Updates loads news from friends faster - Smart scroll loads the images faster than with the regular browser - Smart load helps you upload photos and videos faster than in browser - Chat with your friends via the FB message - Post updates and share your news - Quickly discover new pages and find new friends - Customize the color of the menu bar - Play games & use FB apps without launching Safari or another browser - 100% secure: it's like using the Facebook itself PLUS - Instant messages - receive notification without launching the app - Freeze the menu bar - let it scroll with you as you scroll down the news feed - SmartHome - 1 click to get back to your home page - It doesn't clutter your screen and conveniently stays in the top bar - Access anytime with one click And more Facebook features that you like are available in a faster and more convenient way. SuperTab for Facebook simplifies your experience of using Facebook and helps you be more productive. If you have questions or suggestion, email us at: