World of Dinosaurs : KIDS

OS X 10.11
Hey KIDS ! do you love dinosaurs ? let’s journey to the amazing WORLD OF DINOSAURS !!! . World Of Dinosaurs is a fun and educational way to learn about dinosaurs . You will learn most interesting facts about dinosaurs’ world , their behaviors , kinds and features . World of Dinosaurs brings you many of the most important dinosaurs in-depth, with beautiful full HD illustrations that truly bring them to life . Children will love the easily readable articles and experience the joys by listening to the narrator . As well as the large array of comprehensive information, the app also features: • Stunning & original dinosaur illustrations compatible with Retina displays. • High-quality Dolby audio containing scientific approximations of the sounds made by dinosaurs and their environment by touching dinosaurs . • Information about plant or meat eaters, age of dinosaurs, how fossils form, prehistoric reptiles, extinction events and more ... • View table of contents, including: meaning, pronunciation with voice, size comparison. * More contents are on the way ! * Please help us to make this application better by rating World Of Dinosaurs KIDS