WorldSpeak Chinese

OS X 10.6.6
---------------Also available for iPad/iPhone/iPod in App Store!---------- 当谈到学习语言时, 您的孩子有着与生俱来的天赋。只要采取有趣及充满快乐的方式, 学习一门新的语言对您的孩子来说非常简单。我们的应用程序专为幼儿及年龄较小的儿童(1-5, 岁)设计。它汇集了多名专业教师在多语言幼儿园 WorldSpeak 的丰富教学经验。 来自多个种类的明亮多彩的动画图片, 让您的孩子玩得开心, 同时将学习新的词汇并毫不费力。这款奇妙的交互式应用程序会帮户您的孩子开发语言能力, 并热爱学习。您的孩子将从中发掘出无穷乐趣! This is an application for babies and young children (1-5 yr old) to learn new language - Chinese! Your child is naturally gifted when it comes to learning languages. Learning a new language comes easy to a child if done in a fun and joyful way. Our application is designed specifically for toddlers and young children (1-5 years old). It is based on extensive experience of professional teachers in the multilingual preschool WorldSpeak. Your child will choose words from several categories, extra categories are available via in-App Purchase on 10.7. Playing with colorful and animated pictures, he/she will learn new words easily and with no effort. This wonderful interactive application will help your child develop language skills and love for learning. Your child will have lots of fun!