WPD Reader – Viewer for Corel WordPerfect

OS X 10.8
Do you receive Corel WordPerfect documents (.wpd) as email attachments on you mac? Are you switched from Windows to Mac and have plenty of WordPerfect files that no decent viewer available to open on your Mac? The easiest way to circumvent these problems is WPD Reader. WPD Reader allows you to open and read WordPerfect documents (.wpd) on Mac OS. WPD Reader offers you fantastic reading experience using different page reading styles with sidebar consisting page thumbnail and search pane. In addition, bookmark management, viewing scale, page navigation, reading history and full screen view support makes WPD Reader easy-to-use and complete WordPerfect document viewing solution. WPD Reader can convert WordPerfect documents (.wpd) into Microsoft Word documents (.docx and .doc), OpenOffice document (.odt), PDF and RTF. Converts every WordPerfect page into an equivalent page in the resulting Microsoft Word, OpenOffice document, PDF and rich text conversion into RTF. Converts the text, text characteristics, paragraphs, text frames linking, text frame columns, tables, graphics and other WordPerfect objects and properties to the matching Microsoft Word and OpenOffice document format objects and properties by preserving layout. KEY FEATURES: - Sidebar with Thumbnails and Search panel. - Easy reading page view options. Single page and double page view with optional continuous reading. - Fully selectable and searchable text contents. Can copy text to clipboard. - Bigger and smaller page view using ZoomIn, ZoomOut, Actual Size and Fit to Zoom controls. - Add and manage bookmarks for future reading. - Grouped by files, Group by tags and recent bookmark list for easy and faster access in future. - Maintains reading history. Go to Back and Forward reading page. - Very flexible page navigation controls for easy traverse into open document. - Print .wpd document. - Bookshelf Collections to manage set of recently open and added WPD files. - Most of WordPerfect formats (Version 1 to 11) are supported.