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WS Designer is a powerful tool to design REST Web Services in a matter of minutes. It will generate Java back-end and Swift and/or Objective-C applications for you, so that you can focus on mobile development instead of struggling with handling calls, HTTP headers, authentication, error handling, etc. WS Designer allows you to easily manage projects as a set of Web Services defining all their characteristics and features. Each Web Service contains more methods that are defined through their input parameters and returned information. The user interface also allows you to define sets of attributes (classes) used as methods inputs and/or outputs. These user defined classes will be generated both as consistent Java back-end classes and as Objective-C or Swift classes. Any change to the model will be always consistent between back-end mobile platforms. For each project, Web Service and method you can enter a brief description wich will be transferred into the code in order to help understanding the purpose of each element and to help keeping back-end and mobile applications consistent. On the back-end side, WS Designer will create REST Web Services ready to be customized and deployed on the JBoss WildFly application server a market leader Open Source J2EE Application server . The generated code can be easly customized and your customizations are preserved once you regenerate your code. Moreover, a standardized error handling system allows you to easily manage system and application errors helping you to avoid mobile app crashes. The Java generated code will support SSL, authentication and authorization out of the box that you can customize as per your needs. On the mobile side, WS Designer will generate one Objective-C and one Swift class for each Web Service ready to be added to your projects. Each class will provide both asynchronous and synchronous methods that can be called from your code to communicate with the back-end, you have just to chose what you need for your purposes. A comprehensive tutorial will guide you in setting up the development environment, design the Web Service, configure the WildFly server and customize the generated code.