x2y – Aspect Ratio Calculator

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Save yourself time and aggravation with this simple application for resizing calculations. x2y is a beautifully simple aspect ratio calculator for Mac. Just like x2y for iOS, this app for Mac was built for designers and web developers who need to resize images and videos in code. x2y calculates dimensions and percentages for you automatically. Just choose the original aspect ratio or size, enter one of the new desired dimensions or a percentage, and the missing dimension(s) will be calculated instantly. • Choose from a list of standard common aspect ratios, such as 16:9, 8:10, 4:3, etc. • Customize the list of common ratios to suit your needs. • Swap the x and y coordinates as needed with a single click • Double or triple the dimensions of your outputed images with a single click or keystroke. (Great for figuring out those @2x and @3x dimensions quickly.) • Half or one-third the dimensions of your outputed images with a single click or keystroke • Step values up or down in increments of the original ratio • Solve for either x or y dimension • Solve for a particular percentage • Get diagonal dimension calculation for both ratios • Round to the nearest pixel, or show up to three decimal places, for more precise results • Copy your results in many different formats, for easy pasting into other applications • Sync your common ratios list over iCloud with all your other Macs and iOS devices running x2y for iOS • Select from light or dark themes, to suit your preference • Change highlight color to suit your style • Keyboard shortcuts for all major functions of the app - no need for your hands to ever leave the keyboard • Touch Bar support • VoiceOver support Much more to come. If you have suggestions for additional features, feel free to contact me via the support link.