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Xcoverage helps you easily visualize your code coverage reports for your C, C++, and Objective-C projects. # Easy-to-use It's easy to get started using Xcoverage, even if you've never worked with code coverage reports before. Simply enable test coverage in your Xcode project's build settings, and Xcoverage will walk you through creating a new Workspace. Workspaces consist of your project's source files on the left, and neatly-annotated coverage analysis on the right. Regions of red indicate unexecuted code paths, helping you quickly pinpoint the areas of your codebase in greatest need of unit tests. # Notification Center integration Xcoverage posts notifications whenever code coverage of an open project changes. Iterating on your unit tests? Observe coverage changes even while Xcoverage is hidden, all without ever leaving Xcode. # Filters Keep your Workspaces clean by specifying which files should be excluded from code coverage reports. # HTML export Export code coverage reports as HTML files to share them with your co-workers (also scriptable via AppleScript). # Designed for OS X With support for OS X Yosemite or better, Full Screen mode, and Auto Save and Versions, Xcoverage feels right at home on your Mac.