ZMethod for Zaner-Bloser

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Zaner Bloser font method; from Manuscript to cursive Writing. No less than 44 fonts inside ! Many customers have requested for their Zaner Bloser students a pack with both Manuscript style Print Block Letters (ZNuscript) and Write style Cursive Handwriting (ZWriting). Exclusive app lets you see all 44 fonts, and in one click, try it before it is installed. Activate all the fonts in a simple click, no special manipulation needed. It covers all the method's curriculum. Contrary to some other packages, this method does not require any additional software, and works with all your programs straight out off the box ! It supports the complete character set, and works with all current languages like system fonts. For beginners, stick and circle letters are easy to discover and memorize. With the help of arrows, or guidelines, not to mention dotted letters in all variations, you can create truly amazing Zaner-Bloser style work sheets. ZWriting is an exclusive handwriting font in the Zaner-Bloser Write style that links naturally with all major text processors and Desktop Publishing, layout programs. It even works fine with such rudimentary graphic programs as Paint ! Through forward thinking design, this collection drops behind haphazard old fashion software thingies. Write cursive has never been as easy to type ! With this Zaner Bloser font set, you can create you own exercises and study books, with the phrases and curriculum that you consider most appropriate for learning handwriting. They work within any standard application, and can be used with such programs as Microsoft Word™, Pages™, and current software. Creating Zaner-Bloser worksheets is easy with these fonts, even if you are not yourself a calligrapher. Note that the license enables you to sell the result as PDF files or books, and use the fonts for commercial projects. Just type the sentences and words you want, and your computer will generate perfect Manuscript and Writing style handwriting. All these fonts work immediately on your system These work within your current applications : word processor, layout program, publishing software, and so on. They work immediately, like any other font, as soon as they are installed. These typefaces are hinted and kerned, and suited for any kind of printing work. They have been used by famous European printers to set text, using typesetting equipment.