Zonerly – your timezone helper

OS X 10.9.0
Zonely provides a convenient way to find the correct time across multiple time zones for traveling, planning meeting, calling aboard and so on. 1. You could add many cities you are caring about. Zonerly will show you the correct time automatically. Shanghai, San Francisco, Moscow, Lucerne, Istanbul, Berlin, wherever you are. There are over 50,000 cities in Zonerly's database. 2. Drag to see time flies Anytime at any city, just drag to check it, you could get the corresponding time in the city you care. 3. Daylight saving time shifting There are many areas which use Daylight Saving time (DST). Zonerly handles it automatically for you. 4. Meeting planner Planning meetings across multiple time zones will never be so easy. Just drag the meeting time and Zonely will show you the appropriate time.