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Adze gives you the tools to edit GPX documents like a pro: create, modify and delete tracks, plan routes, mark waypoints and more. The Lite version is limited to saving documents containing a single track. DISSECT RECORDINGS Merge tracks that shouldn't have been split, or split tracks that should have. Delete undesired sections or extract detours as a separate track. PLAN ROUTES If you're planning an expedition, Adze allows you to plan the route and mark waypoints, check distances and view the proposed route on multiple maps before exporting the GPX data to a device. TIDY DOCUMENTS Optimise tracks to remove redundant data, change item names and colors, edit GPX document metadata and prepare your documents for sharing. EDIT POINTS Add, move or remove points graphically with the Edit Point tool, or use the points list to manually edit values. IDENTIFY REST-STOPS Adze can identify areas where you stopped for a rest, lunch, or an overnight stay and automatically split your tracks at those locations. UPDATE METADATA Change item names or colors and give your GPX document a title, author or description. FIX TIMESTAMPS Offset timestamps by a fixed amount, overwrite them in bulk or remove them completely. COLLECT STATISTICS View statistics about duration, speed, elevation and gradient for entire documents or selected sections. VIEW DOCUMENTS View your documents on a road, topographic or satellite map directly within Adze or export to KML to view it in Google Earth™.