Aladin and the Enchanted Lamp – Extended Edition

OS X 10.6
*************************************** 扩展版终于面世了! 现在到扩展版隐藏物品游戏 HdO 冒险中来进行探索或再次探索吧! 全新字谜 全新屏幕 全新物品 全新小游戏 全新人物 改进的游戏动画界面,需要收集钥匙物品 更棒的游戏体验 更长的游戏人物寿命 *************************************** The fabulous tale of Aladin completely revised! Aladin, a young orphan, lives in the Orient. His only wealth lies in his small house and an old ring, that formerly belonged to his father. As Aladin has to steal to survive, he wishes deep inside he will become a rich man, to be worth the Princess Jasmine's attention. A strange dark sorcerer seems to be willing to help him. But in the country of the Geniuses, Aladin will have to act carefully... A THRILLING ADVENTURE: Look for food, avoid the stallholders, find the marvels' cavern lost in the desert, enjoy the Genius' magic powers and find out what the mysterious secret kept in the Palace is! USEFUL HINTS: Use the Hint: a shiny halo helps you to find one of the objects. No more hints? Not enough time? Find the bonus stars hidden in the scenes to get more hints or time! MAGNIFICIENT SETS: Escape in the oriental deserts, explore the souks, admire the marvels in the famous cavern or the prestigious Palace... CONTENT: - 40 places to observe - Mini-games: puzzle games - 3 profiles management - 2 game modes: Classics and Time Attack - Best scores on line - Search of objects (list, to collect) - Help: zoom on selected screens, limited number of reloading hints, bonus stars - Magnificent sets: high resolution images With HdO Adventure – Aladin & the enchanted lamp, you’re living the adventure!