All Chords – Scales & Arpeggios

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A detailed representation of simple and complex chords and arpeggios, as well as scales from several stylistic settings - both for all guitar positions and narrow/wide piano fingerings, and in all keys. Add to this chord and scale analysis of all positions/fingerings and playback at variable speeds. Everything delivered clearly up for you. Comprehensive content made simple and intuitive! Chords • 59 chords (Power Chords, Major, Minor, Sus., Dim., Augm., Minor7, Minor6, Maj7, 7/9/#11/b13, etc.) • In all guitar positions • Narrow and wide piano fingerings • Up to 15 voicings per chord and key • Choose "scroll wheel" or pop-up window • Arpeggios in all positions as well • Color-code tones by function or interval (keynote / quint / third / seventh / tension) • Select guitar-to-piano (or vice-versa) Scales • 66 scales of modern music and jazz (gospel, melodic minor modes, harmonic minor modes, harmonic major modes, jazz, blues, bebop, pentatonic scales ...) • 61 world-music scales (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Indian, Roman, ...) • In all guitar positions • Select "scroll wheel" or pop-up window • Select guitar-to-piano (or vice-versa) Matrix • Systematic display of chords and scales • Intervals at a glance • Comparison of harmonic structure Player • Plays the displayed notes - depending on the instrument, voicing and location • Playback speed is under your control • Ideal for both ear and vocal training • Ideal for simultaneous practice of scales and arpeggios for both singing and instrumental students Analyzer • Determine chords and scales after entering at least 2 notes on either the guitar or piano • Display multiple results • Identification of excerpts from chords and scales • Useful and informative ranking of bass tone, number of tones, and complexity • Direct transfer of the analysis results to normal display mode More functions • Left-handed guitar • Change between # and b keys • Display of enharmonic equivalents • Classical notation in the treble clef • Simplified representation of 20 basic chords and 16 standard scales for beginners Last but not least, you can also jam on the app itself on either guitar or piano! :)