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All In One PDF Converter is desktop application which provides following features- 1- Merge any two PDF files with given ranges. 2- Split a PDF file into two PDFs with the given ranges. 3- Extract all the images from PDF and export them into desire image format. 4- Convert PDF contents into RTF, RTFD, DocX, Doc, Word XML, txt format. Please see each feature one by one for more details- 1- Merge——— The application can be used to merge / combine two PDF documents into single PDF file by specifying page ranges. Key features- a- Merge / Combine two PDF documents into single PDF document by specific number of pages from each PDF file. b- Options to merge first PDF before second or vice versa. c- Very user friendly interface and easy to use. d- Option to open merged PDF file are merger is completed 2- Extract Images——— Application to extract all images from PDF document with high quality and lists all images in separate windows.The application can also convert extracted images to all image formats like- JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, ICNS, JPEG 2000, Icon, OpenEXR, Photoshop, PICT, SGI, TGA. Key features: a- Extract images from PDF File. b- Convert/save the extracted images in different image formats. c- Preview PDF files before extracting images. d- Innovative and easy to use user-friendly interface. 3- Split PDF——— The application can be used to split a PDF document into N number of PDF files by specifying page ranges in page ranges option field. Key features- a-Split a PDF document into multiple PDF documents by specifying number of pages in each PDF. b-Easy to use PDF splitter tool for splitting pdf files into many. c-Very user friendly interface. d-Added option to open saved PDF file folder after splitting is complete. 4- Convert PDF contents into RTFD, RTF, DocX, Doc, Txt, Word XML———— The application is capable to keep all the PDF document text attributes and its formatting while exporting to word document. Key Features- The application is support three formats- a- RTFD- It can export PDF contents to .rtfd file format and can contains both rich text and images. b- RTF- Export to .rtf file format and can contains rich text. c- Text- It can export in simple text format. d- DOCX- It can export PDF contents into DOCX file format and maintains same attributes text positions as shown in PDF document. e- Word, Word XML and OpenDocument file format (.doc)- Export to Word file format and capable of maintaining all PDF document text formats. Support- If you have any issues, questions or suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to contact us at - Sales- If any query related to sales, please contact us at -