App Review Detective

OS X 10.11
User feedback is the most important key in developing an app after it has been released. Although there are users that will provide feedback via email, the most common way to send feedback to the developer are app reviews and -ratings. If the feedback is negative, it is very important for the developer to react to that feedback - either by fixing the bug or by sending instructions on how to use the app. Unfortunately, keeping track of all the reviews of your apps can be pretty hard, especially if you develop several apps or if you are fortunate enough that you developed an app that has a large amount of users. The Review Detective will aid developers in managing app reviews! This lightweight tool runs in the background and will send a notification when there are new app reviews. Features: • Supports both iOS and macOS apps. • Lightweight app with a clean and responsive design. • Select the countries to load reviews from. • Notifications when new reviews where found. • Caching mechanism to prevent unnecessary server requests. If you have any questions about the app or would like to suggest a feature, you can reach out to me: Email: Contact form: