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*** From the makers of Lion Cache Cleaner. *** *** Faster Apps and longer Battery Life! *** Appriority makes your apps go faster by optimizing the CPU load on your computer. Appriority works by suspending and resuming applications as you switch among them. Inactive applications can be set for suspension which will eliminate their CPU usage until you switch back to them. The benefits of this are improved performance in the application you currently have active, less battery power used while mobile, and less heat produced by your computer. Appriority tells you what applications are using the most cpu resources and makes it easy to bring their usage to a halt. It reports your average CPU load and more. Appriority is designed to be easy to use and makes no permanent changes to your system. Simply launch it to turn it on, and quit it to turn it off. Before you can benefit from using Appriority, you must tell Appriority which applications you will want to suspend. You do this by selecting Preferences from the Appriority menu. You will see a box that lists the top 10 CPU load applications currently active on your computer. Use this to guide you in deciding which applications you wish to suspend, and add them to your list with the Add button. Once an app is added, the next time you use it and switch out of it, Appriority will automatically suspend it. Switching back to a suspended application will automatically resume it. You may remove any application from the list by selecting it and clicking the Delete button. Appriority will automatically do this as long as it is running. When you quit Appriority, all of your open applications will be returned to their normal state. Once Appriority is configured, you will see best performance by actually closing all of Appriority's windows using the Close command in the File menu. This will reduce Appriority's CPU usage to a bare minimum.