Archipelago – A Survival Game

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***FREE ON AUGUST 1st FOR A LIMITED TIME*** ***Due to a bug in Apple's pricing system, we are extending our August 1st MagMHJ sale through to August 2nd!*** What would you do if you woke up on an island in the middle of the ocean? Archipelago pits you against the forces of nature as you grow crops, fend off animals, and create your own islands to survive. Archipelago's engaging gameplay, creative possibilities, bright color palette, and challenging achievements will keep you returning for more well after you've finished your first game. FEATURES: - Create your own islands - Construct huts, campfires, and other objects - Day/Night system - Dangerous, reclusive night creatures - Support for Retina Displays - Dual-wielding (Use tools while simultaneously carrying objects) - Dynamic weather with storms and rain - Wildlife and detailed mob AI - Clean, easy-to-use inventory system - Randomized terrain and topography - Fishing - Blueprint-based tool crafting - Motion-capture cutscenes - Original soundtrack - Smoky Bay Engine (advanced physics, uniform gravity, dynamic lighting, liquid viscosity simulation) - Non-intrusive autosave - Experience-based learning system - Farming & crops system - Climactic underworld boss battle - Challenging achievements - Unlockable options - Optional hints during gameplay Don't forget to check out Archipelago for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store!