Batch Image Resizer Lite

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◆◆◆ Batch Image Resizer Lite ◆◆◆ Batch Image Resizer Lite is an application that allows you to bath resize hundreds of Images to another image format in just one click. The tool supports the most popular formats and features high-quality image resizing. Batch Image Resizer Lite can also be used for converting image files between JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF. It’s a fast and handy helper for both amateur and professional photographers to deal with digital photos. With Batch Image Resizer Lite, you can resize and convert multiple image files from different formats to desired format in one time with just a few clicks. It guarantees the accuracy and quality of the original files. This time-saving and powerful tool will make your life easy and convenient. Features: - Convert image files to JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP,PNG and TIFF. - Support resizing image files to a fixed width or a fixed height in batch mode. - Resize image files with a percentage compress in batches. - Custom prefix and suffix to the output files. In the Lite version, the daily convert number of files is limited to 5. ◆◆◆ Bug Fix & Feature Request ◆◆◆ If you have any problem, please email us at We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible.