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Provide the best icon 10000 +icon Icon design basic principle is to play as much as possible the advantages of icons: intuitive than words, more beautiful than text, reducing the disadvantage icons:. Accuracy is better expressed in words Therefore, the basic principles of icon design can simply summarize a few points. ...... Identifiable principles Recognizes the principle, meaning that icon graphics, to be able to accurately express the appropriate action. In other words, I see an icon, it is necessary to understand the meaning of what he represented, which is the soul of icon design. You can call it a well-deserved first principle of icon design. The principle difference ...... Difference principle, what does that mean? This means that if there are six icons on a screen, look at me, the first time to be able to feel the difference between them, otherwise how do I identify it? This is a very important icon design a principle, but also in the design of one of the most easily overlooked, icons and text compared to its advantage is that it is more intuitive, but if you lose this icon design. ...... Right finesse, the number of elements First, we must define a point, the main role of the icon is used, instead of text, and the second is the appearance. But now the icon designers often caught in a misunderstanding, one-sided pursuit of fine, high light and texture . In fact, the availability icon varies finesse, is a peak of the curve is similar. At the initial stage, the icon will change with the availability of finesse and increased, but after a certain fineness, the availability icon often as fineness icon decreases . ...... Style unity principle We often see a lot of the interface, often spelled with a variety of different styles of icons, it is clear that these icons are collected from the Internet, as a result of not fully supporting the icon, only patchwork, resulting interface shoddy, amateur . Why unified style is so important to understand this, you will understand that the millions of resources on the Internet icon, why do you have to spend money to hire a boss icon designer. A good set of icons, there must be a unified style, this principle, many designers are aware, but realize it might not be so easy. How to do it? Please use our application, making icon no longer complicated.