OS X 10.8
Sitting all day in front of your computer can hurt your lower back and has a negative impact on your circulation. Extensive typing can stiffen the muscles in your upper back and neck, and finally staring at the screen for hours on end is very tiring and can cause serious problems, such as dry eyes and eyestrain. Moreover, office work has been associated with insomnia and anxiety. If you are damned to spend your working hours behind a desk, you have better find ways to do something good for your body, our tips can help you. The good news is that short breaks of relaxing and stretching can do wonders for your health and well being. That`s why we created Break-Reminder app that reminds you to take a break off your computer. You can choose to blur your screen when the scheduled break starts to force you to take a break or simple menu bar notification. For those who use Break-Reminder please leave us a feedback. ◆◆◆ Bug Fix & Feature Request ◆◆◆ If you have any problem, please email us at / Thank you!We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible. Features - Clean, simple and friendly user interface - Option that can show or hide menu bar timer - Easy setup work and break period - Simple and clear sounds notify when break start/end - Start at login - Random tips