Templates Bundle for MS Word

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Templates Bundle for MS Word provides a collection of 200+ pre-designed templates for MS Word users to create Microsoft Word documents for multiple kinds of usage: from personal resume, party and event invitations, cards, year calendar to business card, coordinated form (agenda, fax and memo), envelope & letter, invoice and report. All these categories and templates can meet your needs in most personal and business situations. Each template in Template Bundle is well-designed with unique layouts, cool background, quality and beautiful elements or pre-set fonts so that you can easily use a Word template to create a new document with MS Word: just select the template and type or paste your own text to replace the text box. With pre-defined Word templates, you can focus on the Word document’s contents and pay less attention to the design. The Word templates are available in different paper size standard including A4 and US letter, 5x7 inches and more, for different occasions. Templates Bundle for MS Word contains: - 21 Business Card templates - 12 2014-Year Calendar templates - 25 Card templates - 42 Coordinated Form templates including Agenda/ Fax / Memo - 42 Envelope & Letter templates including Envelope / Letter - 32 Invitation templates for kinds of occasion: Birthday, Party, Wedding and Business Event - 48 Invoice templates including Purchase Order / Invoice / Packing Slip / Quote / Work Order - 5 Poster templates - 27 Report Cover templates - 17 Resume templates