Breath Ball

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What to do if stress, anxiety and mental pressure dominate life? If calmness and relaxation seem like pale, distant memories, then time is already overdue for the Breath Ball! The Breath Ball enables you to transform stress and psychological pressure into relaxation and inner calm in a matter of minutes. How it works? Quite easily: 1. Take five to ten minutes. 2. Sit down comfortably. 3. Breathe at the rhythm of the Breath Ball. After just a few minutes, you will notice a deep relaxation and inner calm. Try it! Download the Breath Ball now and get rid of stress today. Used and recommended by professionals at their daily work: The Breath Ball App was developed for the Neurological Therapy Center Gmundnerberg where it is used to help patients during neurological rehabilitation. Many of the patients suffer from severe brain damage after strokes, cancer, radiation therapy or accidents. We've designed the app to be usable for even the most challenged of patients. Seven Great Stress Relief Features: * Configure the breathing pattern to your needs and use the Breath Ball to relax, relief stress and anxiety or fall asleep. * Chose your favorite colors for an accelerated stress relief. * Enable the audio guide and relax with your eyes closed. * Hide the user interface controls for a distraction free relaxation experience. * Translated into English, German and Japanese. * Available for all your favorite devices: iOS and Mac OSX. * Free of charge and free of In-App-Purchasements. Testimonials: * A yoga lover’s dream. ... Pretty great for a freebie. - OrchidHaze. * The visual swell and shrink of of the ball is a pleasurable way to pace your breath. I am pleased that I can set the pace of breath and colors of the app. A+++! - S S * Easy to use app that helps you relax. - Ant B * Helps calming breathing with the ball. Sweet and simple. - Naomi S. Try it for yourself. Download Breath Ball: A Stress Relief Breathing Exercise now. The Breath Ball App is dedicated to the Neurological Therapy Center Gmundnerberg. Yours sincerely with the best wishes for a quick recovery, /