Calendar 366 Plus

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Calendar 366 Plus lets you view, add, edit, and delete your events and reminders easily. Complete your reminders with just a single click. Search for addresses or locations and add geolocations to events (on OS X 10.11) and reminders. Create new events and reminders with details or just by typing in what's going on: "Meeting with John on Friday 3pm New York". Calendar 366 Plus is the complete menu-bar calendar app. Just click on the menu bar item and get an overview of all your events and reminders. Features Quick menu bar access (hotkey) Complete menu bar calendar app Sync with OS X's account and calendar settings 3 themes: Light / Dark / Darkest Natural language support to create events or reminders Menu item customization (icon, date/time, icon+date/time) Swipe support for calendar (next/previous month/year) Swipe support for events and reminders (delete, open in "calendar") (on OS X 10.11) Detachable window Localized date format with system settings Show or hide calendar weeks Quick search for events Easily create, edit or delete events Easily create, edit, complete or delete reminders Search for locations and add geolocation information to events (on OS X 10.11) and reminders Apple Maps support for events* and reminders with geolocation Different settings to list forthcoming events Switching between compact and full view Define your own hotkey to open Calendar 366 Full Dark mode compatible Black-and-white or coloured menu bar icon