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★★★★★ The biggest pirate puzzle adventure ever! Get ready for the biggest pirate puzzle adventure ever. Meet Captain Backwater - the most feared pirate in the Caribbean. Help him to loot dangerous treasure caves, find the biggest pirate treasure ever and rescue Backwater's beloved Mary O'Maley. This adventure is a real brain challenge for you full of danger, fun and fame. ✔ fresh & challenging gameplay ✔ stunning special effects ✔ many extras & special items ✔ clear 100 treasure caves ✔ complete the cursed amulet ✔ become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean ✔ share your achievements with your friends Captain Backwater provides puzzling gameplay that is similar enough to the classics we all know and love to make it fairly easy to just pick up and play. At the same time, it has plenty of its own, unique features to make it feel new. (Brutal Gamer, 7/10)