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Cheque Print is easy to use, which allow to print cheque with any printer with unlimited print logs ● Best Selling Records in US, Canada, France, India, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, AUS and many Other Mac Store ● Main Features: - Setup unlimited templates for your Bank Cheque with unlimited user defined fields/inputs - Support MICR Cheque Printing and blank cheque too - Now you can add unlimited custom fields (label or text entry) to make your cheque template as per your bank's cheque you can add name, bank name, bank address, cheque#, account number, routing number etc - App automatically spell out words/wording from your Cheque amount/number - Setup your cheque size, all fields as per your cheque layout - Print Logs support, Easy accounting - Share/Export your print logs data to CSV Format - Easy to re-print cheque from logs - Setup template with date format, country, currency names, cheque size, crossed line on/off with custom text, font style/size/name for each individual field - Auto detects cheque size from your cheque Image, you can edit manually too - Easy to turn ON/OFF decimal places - Allow to print cheque in vertical or horizontal mode - Backup/Restore Templates and Print Logs data and you can Import/Export configuration one machine to other machine ● Why this app? - You are making spell mistake while writing cheque? This app will generate wording from amount. - Getting problem while writing number to words? This app will do for you. - Forgot to put entry in cheque book index? This app will do for you automatically. - Want to put long notes/memo about cheque? This app will allow to write notes for each cheque ● What you need to use this app? - Scanned Bank cheque image, then app will detect your cheque size and you can map/overlay fields over cheque image - To detect actual cheque size your image must be properly scanned - Fine tune other template settings as per your needs and start printing your cheques (e.g. 1234.56 to "ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR AND 56/100 DOLLARS") ● How to use app checkout youtube video: ● For Feedback or report problem contact us: