Chess Studies

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In the game of chess the most attractive — fight! We present You a unique chess studies collection! This collection is addressed to both Amateurs and qualified players, coaches, teachers, parents. It can be used both for training and for self-study. Chess Study is the closest to a real game. The initial position of the sketch usually looks natural and is reminiscent of the position of the party. Our collection of chess studies is intended for those: - who is interested in chess, and not averse to "break" his head in his spare time over the decision interesting, bright, brilliant, rich, beautiful ideas chess studies as close as possible to practical play. - who wants to develop skills in the endings, imagination, ingenuity and to improve the technique of calculation. who wants to use the chess study as an exercise for self improvement. Features of our collection: - 600 unique chess studies! - The collection is developed by a professional chess coach - Beautiful design in the style of iOS - Convenient "Navigation". You can easily select a desired task. - Tips - Flip board - 200 unique chess studies